“I knew what I have to do in future”

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Luxurious! Showy! It was my first impression when I stepped into the hall where the giving prizes ceremony of writing “Io sono bellissima” competition was being organized. I had ever been taking part in some solemn ceremonies but the air of this ceremony truly dazed me a bit. The guests have high positions, the famous people, many correspondents (with equipments and machines which I had just seen in television), all of them were strange. I myself felt like country people go to city. If it hadn’t been for a luxurious dress which magician Do Trinh Hoai Nam evolved and a litle change on my hair, I wasn’t confident enough to sit among guests. I took a deep breath and thought: “At the end, I could understand the feeling of Miss Dirty in the legend in the first time when she stepped into the evening party in the palace”.

I sat beside a new friend who also receive award that day. Both She and I paid attention to the discussion of the presiding body. All of guest talked about women and “Italia-Vietnam” project. The Italian translator was very excellent at connecting Italians with Vietnamese. So the difference in language wasn’t obstacle. Italian ambassador didn’t keep hard diplomatic behaviour as I’d thought. His talking was simple, arch and friendly. Junior professor – dr Le Ngoc Van made a profound talking about Vietnamese women proplem during length of history. Mrs Alessandra, who gave the project to Vietnam, went the ceremony with her husband and her daughter. Her happy family is an evidence of success in her life. She must feel “Io sono bellissima”.

The person whom I sympathized the most with, is a occidental woman having on my country’s traditional costume – a violet “ao dai”. Aristocratic beauty, self-confidence and a heart containing fire is hidden under the quietness outside. When I hadn’t known who she was, I was conquered by her cheerful smile. When I knew she was Loredana De Vitis writer, I completely admire her. Her candid words showed deep sympathy but not pity for private Vietnamese women and general women in the world. It’s not easy for any women to understand and struggle for gentle sex like that. People could live at other mainlands, speak other languages and be brought up by milk flows of other culture, but always have similar affections. Step-by-step, I saw cosy and friendly feeling spread every narrow and out of the way in the hall of The Women Museum, encroached on solemn air.

During the ceremony, I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother, my aunt, my older sister and other women who sacrificed their whole life to the happiness and future of their children. Hard, tired, sometime dispirited but they nerver give up their dream. I proud of beauty of Vietnamese women’s souls. If we had had enough time to told more about characters in our story, everybody could have known more about special colours in women-picture. Anyhow, after this ceremony, I’ve had many friends. And the most important thing is that I knew what I have to do in future.

Ha Noi, December, 26th, 2012
Nguyen Thi Hang

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